A Spa party or Spa catch up is an emerging new concept of having double the fun with a meeting at spa instead of the regular cafés.

Catch up with your friends, family or even colleagues over a relaxing session of spa services!

How do we make it happen for you?

  • Organize therapies at our spa or avail spa services for any location that suits you best.

  • The host decides the time slots for the services and selects the services he/she wants to treat the guests with.

  • The services typically are selected from quick fixes menu like the foot reflexology, head, neck, back massages.

  • Spa parties can also be clubbed with themed decoration, healthy bites, health related workshops for 30 minutes duration, fun activities like tarot card, games etc.

  • Ideal for team building, kitties, rotary catch ups, sangeet parties, wedding events, birthday bash, bachelorette parties, baby shower or just a family catch up.